Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Say yes to the dress!

I am always excited this time of year.  There is something about those dresses.  By the time we begin to donate our prom wear, I have been acquainted with the dresses and have developed a fondness, a friendship for each.  I envision how the new owner will look in the new dress.  How will she accessorize, how would I accessorize?
Truthfully speaking, this is playing dress up at its finest.  Each season, I select my favorite dress and imagine myself attending some swanky affair in “my” fabulous outfit.  Each season I wait to see who will select “my” dress.  Yes, I do stress over the dresses!!!!!!!
I have met some very nice people in my travels with these dresses.  At a recent dress giveaway in Plainfield, I met Mom who was looking for a dress for her daughter.  Her daughter had gained a little weight and the dress they purchased did not fit.  We found a beautiful gown, shoes and purse for the young lady.  Approximately 30 minutes later, the Mom returned to donate the dress she had purchased.  That’s called paying it forward.
We are at the height of the prom season.  We are seeking donations of new and gently used tuxedos and prom gowns.  We also take evening bags and dressy shoes.  There’s still time for me to get acquainted with some new friends, develop a fondness and yes, stress over the dress.
Donations can be dropped off at Raritan Valley Community College’s Student Activities Center,or at 26 Junction Road in Flemington. Call us for pick-up (908) 284-0100.

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