Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Consider the clothes

Each day we perform a morning ritual.  It usually begins with a shower, shave and the decision on what to wear.  The shower and shave parts of the concept are simple; what to wear portion requires a little thought.  I evaluate my clothes.  I try them on, match the accessories, look at the color scheme, wash, dry, fold, hang, iron, steam, dry clean, dye, alter and donate them to my daughter with and without my knowledge or to charities. 

Clothes are a part of our lives.  They say a great deal about who we are.  Our clothes know who we are, how we feel and how they make us feel, how we smell, where we go, what we eat, what we did and what we say because they are with us throughout the day.

We work with prom gowns, cocktail dresses, tuxedos and suits for our charity.  I began to think about what it must feel like to be an article of clothing.  This CLOPERA (clothes opera) is dedicated to closets, racks, drawers, storage bins and all of the places where our clothes are kept and the DNA we leave behind.


Rene DeWitt was old Hollywood glamour at its finest.  She was a floor length purple V neck satin gown with a crystal broach adorning her bodice and a sexy front slit.  She waited patiently to see the others as they arrived.  As she waited, she could not forget her evening with Scott.  They seemed to be made for each other, but so many things had happened since that night.

 Rene had big dreams.  Since the time she was spun and wrapped around her bolt, she knew what she wanted.  She wanted to be loved and adored.  During her formative weeks, she had endured several major surgeries and a cosmetic repair to correct her seams.  No one could imagine the agony.  Now, she was simply stunning with her purple satin blowing in the breeze.

Soon the guest would be arriving and she did not want to miss a second of the entertainment.  This was a special day for Rene.  She was excited and wondered if this would be her night.  She had waited so long to find someone special.  After one more trip to the mirror, Rene was ready for the world.

The night air felt cool with a soft breeze gently blowing.  She could see the white lights from a distance.  As she peered out her window, she could see the small crowd of people waiting by the door.  She hoped this would not be another evening filled rescue dresses, wedding rejects and those vampy trampy designs.

As she walked through the door, the room was tastefully decorated with white lights hanging from the ceiling, a full mirrored wall and racks placed around the room.  This was a big improvement from the last outing.  She would never forget how the bodies had acted out at the sight of her and the other ladies at the last outing.  She hoped the new guest bodies maintained some form of decorum.  Across the room, she recognized some familiar designs and she proceeded to greet them.


To be continued